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Shijiazhuang Jiuding Animal Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive high-technology corporation and GMP certified by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the P.R. China which is engaged in R&D, manufacturing, marketing, distribution and service . The products includes liquid injection, oral solutions, tablets, granules, powder, premix, disinfectant, insecticide, Chinese traditional medicine extraction, Feed additive , Feed premix. The corporation has the qualification of independent international trading, owns national-level standard laboratories and experimental animal bases. It has undertaken national and provincial key scientific and technological project for many times. The corporation is one of the famous animal health care products ones in China.
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  Tel:008613831103793,0086-31185022300 Email:[email protected] Address:No.1, Xingsheng Street, Economic Development Zone, Gaocheng, Hebei Province, P.R. China. Copyright: 2011-2019 Shijiazhuang Jiuding Animal Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd All Rights Reserved.
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